This kanji has kunyoumi or Japanese readings of: おんな or め, and it has onyoumi or Chinese readings of: ジョ、ニョ or ニョウ. This character has the meanings: woman or female. This character is made up of the following radicals or parts: katakana く, いち or kanji number one, and katakana ノ. This kanji was originally drawn with two hollows in the middle representing breast (similar to the character haha, or mother). Now, only one remains, and looks similar to a woman kneeling or standing. Our example sentence is: かのじょはかれにおもいをよせた。彼女は彼に思いを寄せた。She fell in love with him.

Grade Kun On Meaning Strokes Example Sentence
JLPT N5 おんな、め ジョ、ニョ、ニョウ woman, female 3 かのじょはかれにおもいをよせた。
She fell in love with him.