This kanji has a kunyoumi or Japanese reading of: いつ, and it has an onyoumi or Chinese reading of: ゴ. This character has the meaning: five. This character is made up of the following radicals or parts: a horizontal line, a vertical line, a strange part in the middle, and finally one more horizontal line. You can remember this kanji by thinking of it as an X with a line on the top and bottom: when one counts to ten one first counts the fingers left to right, then crosses back to count to ten. Our example sentence is: きゅうかくはごかんのひとつである。Smell is one of the five senses.

Grade Kun On Meaning Strokes Example Sentence
JLPT N5 いつ five 4 きゅうかくはごかんのひとつである。
Smell is one of the five senses.