This kanji has a kunyoumi or japanese reading of: くに, and it has an onyoumi or chinese reading of: コク. This character has the meaning: country. This character is made up of the following radicals or parts: the enclosure or territorial boundaries radical, followed by the king with his jewel in the centre. You can remember this kanji by the following hint: King with his jewel 玉 within the borders 口 of his country. Our example sentence is: あなたはどこの国の出身ですか。あなたはどこのくにのしゅっしんですか。From which country do you come?

Grade Kun On Meaning Strokes Example Sentence
JLPT N5 くに コク country 8 あなたはどこの国の出身ですか。


From which country do you come?