This kanji has a kunyoumi or japanese reading of: いま, and it has onyoumi or chinese readings of: コン、or キン. This character has the meanings: now, present, or this. This character is made up of the following radicals or parts: person or ひとやね at the top, followed by kanji いち and katakana フ. You can remember this kanji by the following hint: this character is the first four strokes of 食: one must eat now to live tomorrow. Our example sentence is: 今日はとても暑い。きょうはとてもあつい。It is very hot today.

Grade Kun On Meaning Strokes Example Sentence
JLPT N5 いま コン、キン now, present, this 4 今日はとても暑い。


It is very hot today.