This kanji has a kunyoumi or japanese reading of: よ, and it has onyoumi or chinese readings of: ドク、トク、or トウ. This character has the meaning: read. This character is made up of the following radicals or parts: speech 言 or wordson the left, then さむらい at the top meaning man or scholar, the cover or crown radical, and the human legs radical ひとあし. The entire right side of this character means to sell. You can remember this kanji by the following hint: Selling 売 words 言; reading and interpreting literary styled texts to the illiterate for a fee. Our example sentence is: 本を読みます。ほんをよみます。Read a book.

Grade Kun On Meaning Strokes Example Sentence
JLPT N5 ドク、トク、トウ read 14



Read a book.