This kanji has kunyoumi of たの or この, and it has onyoumi of ガク、ラク or ゴウ. This character means: music, comfort, ease, pleasure, or comfortable. It has the following radicals: tree, wood, ice, and white. You can remember this kanji with this hint: The feelings of people in wooded areas when they can eat lots of white rice. Our example sentence is: どんな音[楽]が好きですか。どんなおんがくがすきですか。What kind of music do you like?

GradeKunOnMeaningStrokesExample Sentence
JLPT N4たの、このガク、ラク、ゴウmusic, comfort, ease, pleasure, comfortable13どんな音[楽]が好きですか。
What kind of music do you like?